Media Mondays

I didn't take any photos in LA last week. In this day and age of all digital, all iPhone, all Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, I find that hard to believe.  Okay, I do have a few DWTS photos, but I posted those with the Sharna Burgess interviews.  So, I pulled out an old photo from a night out with my pals Jenine Mayring and Kelly Stables from 2004-ish. If Kelly looks familiar to you, she's currently starring on The Exes on TV Land.  The best part of the photo is that I'm wearing a sheer lacy shirt and I have a really bad haircut. Awesome!

Here are a few of my media appearances from last week:

DWTS:  You can find everything here.

Gwyneth Paltrow's spring fashions total over $450,000--Um, someone might be out of touch with reality.
Selena Gomez: Wingman for her dad at Hooters--Because you just can't make stuff like this up.
Holly Madison: "I was laughing as I was pushing"--She also named her kid Rainbow Aurora. Yikes!

The Radio Dish:  Justin Bieber is a punk. Is it the beginning of the end?  Listen in at the 19:45 mark.

It's Monday, so you have two opportunities to catch me on the air today:
1:30pm PT Metro News Hotline with Dave Weekley
7:35pm PT Driving with Gass on


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